Plumbing for comfort and mood! Which of the rooms in the house is most involved in creating the morning mood? That's right - a bathroom, because the feeling of cheerfulness and freshness with which a person steps into a new day depends on water procedures and whether it is comfortable to take them. And an evening without a pleasant relaxing bath or shower that washes away fatigue is unlikely to become a time for a good rest.

The list of the main types of plumbing work and services that we provide:

  • Installation and dismantling of water supply systems
  • Installation and dismantling of sewerage systems
  • Installation and dismantling of heating systems
  • Replacement and installation of heating radiators
  • Installation of a warm floor
  • Installation of sanitary equipment
  • Installation and replacement of ball valves
  • Installation and connection of household appliances
  • Major plumbing work

Any work on water supply, heating, sewerage, as well as repair and installation of plumbing fixtures is our profile.

The great experience and skills of our masters allow us to provide plumbing services in Latvia with a guarantee of the quality of any work performed. We use only the latest high quality materials and modern equipment, which allows us to guarantee the reliability and long service life of plumbing fixtures and communications in your home, apartment or office.